September 24, 2023


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Kilts for Men? The Newest (Yet Oldest) Fashion Trend We’re Looking Toward in 2021

Ah, the kilt. As an iconic Scottish staple of menswear since the 16th century, the kilt is a most-of-the-time plaid, skirt-like garment that embodies both heritage and tradition. It’s synonymous with most Scottish and Gaelic cultures and can be seen draping men and boys at events like weddings, christenings and at parades alongside bagpipes.

In more recent years, this traditional Scottish look has found its territory in contemporary men’s fashion through the eyes of Paris Fashion Weeks and red carpet walks. Though kilts have a vast history, the look is being transformed into more of a statement-centric, punky kind of garment through men trying to break gender stereotypes through a deemed “unmasculine” look by the majority of the West outside Scotland. It’s become a sort of way to express feminine values through masculine history, a way that kind of sticks it to the man in terms of what people think men can and cannot wear.

In recent years, we’ve seen male celebrities like Billy Porter and Harry Styles rock dresses on red carpets and fashion shoots to celebrate women’s fashion using their male figure. Kilts for men provide a similar value to dudes sporting them in 2020. Because, yes, it’s a man’s garment, but it’s also a skirt. It makes people with the mindset “men shouldn’t wear dresses” rethink their thought process because, in this situation, men can wear dresses.

Kilts for men are rising in popularity even if you aren’t of Scottish descent. It’s a way to prove a point and look super dope while doing so. If you want to get in on the trend, here are a few kilts you can start off with.


1. UT Kilts “The Standard” Tartan Utility Kilt

No offense to all of the other kilts for men in the world, but this tartan utility kilt is the kilt of all kilts. No ifs, ands or buts. This kilt is made to size and has a number of pockets and snaps for guys who like to carry their belongings on their person. It’s a super quality purchase given the low price because good kilts can go for crazy high prices. It’s designed for walking and total moveability, so you will never feel trapped inside. Additionally, it comes in a number of striking colors, but come on, this red one is exactly what you want. Add a chain, your favorite Doc Martens and a leather jacket to call it a day.

a fabric surface: UT Kilts

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UT Kilts

Buy: UT Kilts”The Standard” Tartan Utility Kilt, Hybrid Kilt – Royal Stewart $73.99


2. AAR Mens Kilt Scottish Tartan Kilt

Keep it casual with this classic Scottish tartan detailed with side leather belting so nobody can pants you (or, skirt you) from behind. It had a completely pleated back so you can move around with ease and is made from a durable poly-viscose material that will last you years. Reviewers mention how tremendous the quality is, but recommend when you measure your size, you do at your bellybutton. This really is an excellent kilt for men starting off in pantless territory.

a person holding a bag: AAR Mens Kilt Scottish Tartan Kilt

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AAR Mens Kilt Scottish Tartan Kilt

Buy: AAR Mens Kilt Scottish Tartan Kilt $29.99


3. Verillas Versatta Traditional Tartan Kilt

Looking for the most modern take on old traditions? Well, you found it. If you want the traditional design with 2021 aesthetics at the forefront, you need nothing other than this tartan kilt from Verillas. It’s made using top-quality wool to keep those legs warm even when there’s a breeze in between your knees and can even keep its quality and consistency under tough circumstances. Add any belt you’d like to the mix because the belt loops are extra-large, so you can style it even with your new fav from Target.

a person wearing a costume: Versatta Traditional Tartan Kilt

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Versatta Traditional Tartan Kilt


4. Scottish Mens Kilt Traditional Highland Tartan Utility Kilt

A stretchy kilt? Yeah, a stretchy kilt. This tartan utility kilt is made with 5% spandex to ensure no matter where you’re going, your kilt is going to match your movements. It’s designed with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a modern kilt, such as pockets, buttons and the traditional waist-snatching side belt. It’s perfect for weddings, sports and day-to-day wear. It also comes in a number of different colors.

a green dress: Scottish Mens Kilt Traditional Highland Tartan Utility Kilt

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Scottish Mens Kilt Traditional Highland Tartan Utility Kilt

Buy: Scottish Mens Kilt Traditional Highland Tartan Utility Kilt $49.99


5. COS Recycled Polyamide Quilted Kilt

This one absolutely foregoes that traditional kilted look to bring a look that’s a bit more, well — it looks like a picnic blanket. Like, we have seen this exact look from something at Rumpl. Nonetheless, do we love it? Yes, yes we do. It’s a strange way to take the OG kilted look for guys, but we can’t help but love the fact that by ditching the plaid and pleats, this baby is challenging gender stereotypes and fighting social norms in terms of fashion. For that, we have to give it an A+.

a person wearing a hat: COS Recycled Polyamide Quilted Kilt

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COS Recycled Polyamide Quilted Kilt