Looking for the Best Business Insurance Policy? Incorporate Honesty!

While the media outlets give us an awful picture of how honesty ranks in the business world and beyond, nothing could better promote corporate success than integrity. In fact, if you could purchase a commercial honesty insurance policy, you’d find your business excelling in customer service and beyond.

Why is this? One auto insurance claims professional puts it like this: “The entire insurance industry is based on trust, whether it is general liability, homeowners, workers comp, life, bonds, flood, or any of the other facets of the business. While I speak for our niche, the concept is true for all lines of work. In the long term, honesty reaps the benefits you seek for your company!”

Why An Honest Work Ethic is Beneficial – Seven Valid Explanations

• The business that is reputed for its integrity will draw customers

A man was in the market for a new vehicle. Aware that many car dealers were not the most honest, he did extensive research about each one in the vicinity. When he receive raving reports about the extremely honest approach one particular auto dealer had, he opted to patronize that one.

• The business that practices consistent honest dealings retains customers that tend to remain loyal.

After a customer inquired about the price of a refrigerator, she decided to make the purchase. Before ringing the woman up, the appliance store owner asked her if she might want a less expensive brand that was touted to be just as good. The woman was so impressed with the proprietor’s manner that she returned to the store again and again for other featured items.

• Disagreements in a business where honesty is upheld are usually resolved quickly.

Because the employees of a certain business were trained and encouraged to practice reliable behavior, they placed their trust in the bosses’ decisions. When there was a discrepancy between the boss and one worker, they worked amiably to come to a resolution that was agreeable to both sides.

• Fair treatment in a business causes employees to work together for the common good.

The employees of one company considered themselves one untied force. They were treated well by the boss, and they reciprocated by giving their all towards the tasks at hand. Not only did they perform as expected, they strove for excellence and improvement in every aspect of the business.

• Honesty in the workplace is contagious, propelling good morality in others.

One independent insurance agency was so upright in all their dealings that their reputation grew. They were presented with industry awards, that it became a genuine role model for others in the field.