November 28, 2023


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Money Movement Approach

Not long ago, I was attempting to demonstrate the reason why I manufactured money in each the Serious Estate and the Inventory Marketplaces among the decades 2000 and 2005, nonetheless the overall economy was not truly undertaking that wonderful. So I did some analysis and I located charts that show the Dow Jones industrial regular over the previous 10 decades. I also located charts of the Fed Cash amount and Serious Estate house income over the same interval. When I compared the charts I located some interesting correlations among the present serious estate marketplace, the fed cash amount and the stock marketplace.

I noticed that the previous time the Serious Estate marketplace experienced so much inventory was in January of 1996. When I seemed at the Fed cash amount in that same calendar year, it was also soaring among 4.75 and 5 p.c and that is the place they are now precisely 10 decades later. So if we glance at the stock marketplace at that time it was also reacting the same way as it now. With all of this analysis, if you consider in the money movement strategy which stipulates that wealthy investors are likely to transfer money among stocks, bonds, serious estate and money marketplaces. Where do you assume the Inventory marketplace is heading? I strongly consider that we are going to see some pretty bullish exercise in the stock marketplace over the following two or 3 decades.

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