November 28, 2022


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Oakland fashion designer gets boost from Steph Curry


OAKLAND — It can be plain the Golden Condition Warriors bring their A-match to the courtroom, but players typically also flex their manner muscular tissues when strolling into the locker space before online games.  

Oakland clothes designer Akintunde “Tunde” Ahmad recently discovered out just one of his creations was worn by Stephen Curry in advance of an NBA Finals game at Chase Center.  

Oakland clothing designer Akintunde
  Oakland clothing designer Akintunde “Tunde” Ahmad.


Tunde studied overseas in Ghana though a junior at Yale in 2016 although researching journalism and documentary film.

“My history is not in vogue at all. This is a little something I stumbled into,” stated Tunde from his studio in Oakland.  

Ade Dehye is his brand. The garments are designed with materials straight from West Africa. Every piece is hand-woven, hand-dyed, and even cut and sewn in West Africa.  

Tunde suggests his parts are rooted in royalty, but just lately acquired his ranks are climbing. Most basketball gamers switch their activity-working day arrivals into a very little runway as they walk by means of the tunnel headed to the locker place. 

After Recreation 2 of the NBA Finals, Tunde was astonished to see Curry wearing a royal blue overcoat he developed.  

“I actually found out like everyone else, scrolling on social media and it popped up. And I am like double take, triple just take, quadruple consider! I was like, ‘That is that!'” claimed Tunde.  

He states trend and culture from West Africa have been underappreciated for too extended. He is glad it can be receiving eyes from people today throughout the region and world.  

“On the highest of levels, you have things that are 100% p.c created in West Africa and so West African productions, styles and weaving and all the issues that have been neglected all these yrs,”  

Due to the fact the begin of the NBA Finals, Curry has been donning clothing from unbiased black designers, applying his platform to get them some identify recognition.  

Because then, Tunde says other celeb stylists and athletes have reached out to him inquiring about probable collaborations.  


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