September 24, 2023


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Online Engagement Ring Buying Guide

The online jewelry market is growing at rapid speed. Every year more and more people purchase their desired jewelry, diamonds and gemstones online. The Internet often offers a much larger variety of products at the lowest prices available. Finding a good deal is important when it comes to engagement rings. And a custom engagement ring makes the proposal special. When the ring is unique, so is the proposal.

The classic engagement ring, also known as a solitaire engagement ring, is composed of a single diamond and a metal setting (usually gold or platinum). Finding a setting she will love is the first step in the decision process. Once the setting is picked you can look for a (certified) diamond or a colorful gemstone that meets the rest of the budget.

So… How much should my budget be?

Engagement rings are special since they symbolize the solidity of the relationship, which is priceless. Also, the engagement ring is the once piece of jewelry a woman wears all the time, unlike other pieces of jewelry. The first thing you should do on your quest for the right ring is set the budget. In most circles it is customary to spend at least two months’ salary. Other than the amount we strongly recommend that you focus on the quality and good value for your budget.

Choose the ring setting

If you are planning a secret proposal, it might be a challenge to choose the ring she would like. First, decide on a metal. Our advice is to choose from 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold and platinum. Platinum is more expensive out of the three because it is rarer.

The next step is to decide on the ring style. Choose one of the following engagement rings styles: Solitaire Settings, Three Stones Settings, Setting with Side Stones and Settings with matching bands. Finding the setting is the first step out of two – now find the right stone!

Choose the right stone

At Israel-Diamonds we offer a large variety of top quality certified Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds.

Diamonds and gemstones come in a variety of colors. If you are not set on the type of stone or color, look for a stone with in color she loves. The traditional colors of the gemstones are: Emerald – Green, Sapphire – Blue, Ruby – Red. However, pink diamonds are also very popular.

The shape and weight of the stones will have a great influence on the look of the ring. When choosing the stone, keep the selected ring setting in mind to be sure they will go together. As for the value of the diamond – There are a few more scales that determine the value of the stone: the Clarity, Cut, Carat (weight) and Color.

Choose the right jeweler

This might be the most important tip we give here. A lot of our customers find us after being dissatisfied from other jewelers. After more than 20 years in the diamond and gemstones industry, we know the importance quality and value for money.

Beware of jewelers you don’t feel sure about and devote some extra time to researching both dealers and prices before you make your purchase. Read testimonials, look for a phone number or live chat. Contacting the website of the jeweler before purchasing is a very important step to learn more about them and to decide if you trust them.