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Orimei Packable Coats Collection, Functional Fashion for Modern Day Women, Launches on Kickstarter

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Simplify the on-the-go lifestyle, save time on packing and feel more comfortable with the Orimei Packable Coat Collection, launching on Kickstarter today. The all-in-one jacket and purse solution is fashionable foldwear for the modern day woman.

When the weather cools, jackets and coats become a staple of the everyday wardrobe, but they’re often a nuisance. The bulky, bogged down feeling is especially inconvenient for those who are on the go or travel often. Packing a coat, or several, in a bag or suitcase often results in a wrinkled outer layer.

Orimei Packable Coats are compact, stylish and functional. They fold conveniently from a lightweight and comfortable coat or blanket into a small, functional purse for easy carry. When folded, the purse has a magnetic snap button to ensure closure as well as a zippered accessory pocket to securely hold a passport, phone, keys, cards, and other essentials necessary for travel-filled days. The timeless design elevates style and they’re machine washable which makes for easy cleaning.

The Orimei Packable Coat Collection is created by the same founder and designer of the highly successful foldable dress for the minimal traveler, “Origamei.” Women are often coordinating different outfits and layers to keep up with all of the activities that fill their busy schedules. The Orimei Packable Coat Collection offers functional foldwear in a convenient, stylish way.

“I was living in a busy metropolitan city, always on the go and wanted to simplify the art of packing down in a minimal way to help busy women focus more on what’s really important,” said Angela Wang, Founder and Designer of Orimei Packable Coats. “Orimei is designed to empower on-the-go women to live a more minimal and fulfilling life.”

Orimei aims to create products that simplify women’s daily routines and save time on packing, so they can focus on doing what they love most. To pre-order from the Orimei Packable Coat Collection, visit http://www.pr.go2.fund/orimei.

About Orimei
Orimei was created to empower women. Women who are passionate and live life on the go in order to follow their true passion. The “Mei” in Ori(mei) comes from the Chinese/Japanese character “美”, pronounced “mei” or “māy” in Chinese and “kirei” in Japanese, both defined as “beauty” to correlate to the inner beauty every woman encompasses. To the team, practical living and the process of following your dream is the fundamental way to happiness; not what you’re wearing the next day. It’s about living in the moment, exploring, and truly being free. For more information, visit https://theorimei.com/.

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