September 24, 2023


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Oversize Clothing: 7 Tips to Wear it Successfully in Tropical Weather

Besides traveling, one of the favorite things of fashionistas is discovering trends that can be put into practice, not to follow them to the letter, but to experiment and make the art of dressing, something undeniably fun.

Today we will talk about the oversize style, and how attractive it is to recreate it, especially in streetwear scenarios. Through 7 pro tips we will show you how you can get the best out of maxi garments and recreate remarkable looks according to your style.

So there may be a lot of biases about fashions, on real Vlone clothing but what always remains is the style. It is worth trying until we find what represents us and makes us feel good.

Combine your oversize Clothing with other Types of Garments

An oversize look does not have to be armed only with oversized clothes. Try combining a maxi garment with other types of clothing to keep your balance. For example, that oversize garment could be the main item in the outfit, which is generally a superior item: say a coat, blazer or jacket. The elements of the lower zone (jeans or bottom shirt) can be in your natural size.

Choosing Clothes 2 Sizes Larger 

When it comes to looking oversize, it is talking about wearing garments much larger than normal, but that does not mean that grabbing coat 2 sizes higher is always going to work.

You see, there are garments that are too “anatomical” and will be comfortable as long as the size is according to the user’s body. For example the skirts, some dresses or the pants in linen. There are clothes that are exclusively designed with an oversize style, so it will be even in your body size.

Your Proposal will Look Cooler if you Show some Skin

Make sure that you can always expose some areas of your body, to interact with the garment and prevent it from absorbing you, or looking like a wrap. An infallible tip is to roll up the sleeves a little, if the oversize is a hoodie, a sweater or a jacket. If you’re wearing maxi pants, then wear short-sleeved or sleeveless tops for balance.

Take Advantage of Men’s Suits

Men’s tailoring is what is today. In recent years it has stomped on thanks to the return of the eighties trends, promoted by big brands such as Vlone, who recently brought maxi blazers and outfits with a masculine silhouette to the urban catwalks.

Jacket and pants suits are iconic and essential garments when it comes to livening up a good oversize look. And although the tropical climate sometimes wants to play against us, you can always prop the moments to show it off.

Don’t Miss the Maxi Shirt and the T-Shirt

That’s how it is. Another item that always sells that illusion of oversized clothing with all the powers is the so-called “dad’s shirt” or “boyfriend’s shirt” or “older brother’s”. For the wrong reasons, obviously. Since as we mentioned earlier, it is not always about stealing the boys’ clothes, you are going to acquire oversize clothes to suit you, the one that synchronizes with your size without losing the oversized touch.

Wear this maxi shirt with the buttons more open than normal, either inside or outside, but yes, with high-waisted pants or shorts, to neutralize the effect of volume.

Complement your Clothing with Accessories

Another smart way to soften the oversize look is to combine it with some elegant and discreet accents, which help to energize the outfit, especially Vlone clothing, it is in earth colors or is part of the nude range. A belt, a patterned scarf, a watch or of course a smooth textured bag or suitcase.

Remember that accessories should not be pretentious, as maxi garments themselves tend to be dramatic, and the intention is to soften those details.

Uncover your Ankles from Time to Time

This tip is also of proportions and is worth its weight in gold; after applying it you get immediate results. Again, if the top is the oversized item of your outfit, allow yourself to wear jeans that you can fold 2 centimeters into the boot. This small feat lightens the silhouette and creates a balance in the figure. No matter the gender, this is for everyone, give it a try and check the results.