April 19, 2024


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Plus Size Designer Clothing Tips – How to Look Great in Plus Size Clothing

If you want to look great, no matter what body shape you have, all you have to do is pick the clothes that complement you best. Also, the color you choose is just as important, as it can make you look fatter or slimmer.

First of all, choose clothes that go well with your body shape. For example, if your body is pear shaped (bottom heavier than the top), you should get attention to the upper body. You can do that by using darker colors on the parts that are less flattering. A good example of a dress for a pear shaped body is the empire cut dress, which is an excellent plus size dress for this situation. Balance them with tops with wide necks.

However, if your body is apple shaped and bustier, do the opposite thing. Flatter the bottom more and keep the top in check instead. But, it can be a good idea sometimes to show off your cleavage by wearing a low cut V neck line. When it comes to dresses, you can choose A-line cuts (they flow gradually from the narrow to the mid section).

The main rule here is to make sure that you don’t seem larger than you are. So, you should be avoiding any clothes that are over sized or baggy, as they will make you look bigger than in reality. If you have a pear shaped plus size, you should be avoiding cargo pants, which have many pockets.
If you know the right places where to buy them, getting cheap plus size clothes is easy. This way, you will save money instead of spending a fortune, and you will look great in those plus size clothes, as long as you match and mix them well.