July 13, 2024


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Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses Do Not Have to Look Like Tents

Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses Do Not Have to Look Like Tents

During your daughters wedding, you tend to give all your attention to her and forget about yourself. She may look stunning and captivating but having a mother in a lousy dress beside her just doesn’t sit well. Not all mothers prepare as much as the bride when they should, especially when you are quite heavy. Choose the right dress, wear the right makeup and look 20 years younger.

Plus size mother of the bride dresses are gaining popularity every day. Planning ahead and having a good couturier might just do the trick, along with some simple tips for you.

When looking for a dress, make sure that you know your measurements. Some women are top heavy and some are bottom heavy. For top heavy women, go for a two piece ensemble. Try to bare some skin by going sleeveless if you have nice arms or a slit on the skirt. This will draw as much attention to areas that flatter you instead of your full figure. For bottom heavy women, go for dresses that flares a little. Empire dresses may suit you if you are very careful as it tends to focus more on the upper body. However, this could also make you look like you’re having a baby if you don’t get the right cut.

Looking for that perfect dress might be quite a challenge, but it will definitely be well worth it. Whether or not you wear something expensive to your daughters wedding, it is important that you look beautiful. After all, this is not just your daughters day. This is also a turning point in your life.