October 3, 2023


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Searching for the Alternative Fabric for Diesel Jeans

When it comes to fashion, Diesel jeans are the center to discuss all the time as it is very popular among all the people in every corner of the world. It is the must have garment in the wardrobes for its durable material and fashionable design. The two-day jeans salon has been finished in La Halle Freyssinet, which was sponsored by Premiere Vision Salon.

With the further increase of the cotton price, all the jeans brands manufacturers including men’s Diesel jeans manager are searching more durable alternative material for replacing the formal jeans fabric. Maybe the alternatives include the recycled material or other fibre stuff. The material trend director of the Diesel Jeans said that tencel and modal are high-grade material, but the ratio of this kind of material will surely increase in this quarter. The jeans master Adriani Goldschmied also thinks that the present jeans industry need to purchase jeans material with a broader vision instead of formal stuff.

Adriani Goldschmied said that the future jeans maybe made of milk fibre, bamboo fibre, tencel, viscose fibre, rayon and so on materials. And cotton is just one of the Diesel jeans materials among too many kinds. Adriani Goldschmied believes the new jeans will offer many incredible aspects in the near future.

He added that it will make people be delighted in terms of the design, especially for women jeans for the mixed knitted materials can make a much more complicated and better effect for women. What’s more, developing recycled men’s jeans material will be a trend. He predicts colored jeans, light jeans and functional jeans will be the shine star in the entire fashion world in the year of 2012.

All the designer participates acknowledged that the wantonly fluctuations of the cotton price really exert a great impact for the Diesel jeans material manufacturers. And the price of the material on the exhibition has also increase 30% on average.