November 30, 2023


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Selling to Online Marketplaces: Digital Strategy from Crocs


Pleasure is a Excellent Pair of Footwear

Whether you dress in your Crocs with socks, with charms or devoid of any, this legendary model prides by itself on coming up with “delightfully at ease footwear” that make the earth a happier position.

And if we experienced to describe Rebecca Lacerda, the firm’s Head of Electronic Marketplaces, it would be content. Or bubbly. Or the ideal close friend you want you had. She’s also an marketplace leading pro on Marketplaces, which variety from Amazon and Zalando in the west to JD and Alibaba in the Asia-Pacific.

In this episode of Within Retail, Grace sits down with Rebecca to reveal how models can interact with marketplaces, what the pitfalls are to stay clear of and the place she sees the upcoming of digital marketplaces likely.


A native of Brazil, Rebecca has designed her career at the world’s very best known leisure footwear makes for about a decade, first as a Retail Strategist at Nike, a World wide Senior Supervisor of Digital at adidas and now in her current role at Crocs.

With virtually a billion pairs bought considering the fact that debuting in 2002 and offered in above 85 nations, Rebecca is in cost of making certain they remain a go-to model for athletes and celebrities but most importantly,  enjoyable and modern footwear for the total household.

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Market 101

At their main, Marketplaces are just on the web purchasing centers. What those people of a selected age at the time referred to as malls, or how quite a few parts of the world watch shopping districts and streets devoted to retail product sales. According to Rebecca, 70% of advancement in the retail room will do so via multi-model channels like marketplaces.

All marketplaces are not created equal however, so the cautious tactic incorporates knowing which just one is proper for your brand name and how ideal to make use of it for greatest reward.

Illustrations of the market model are 1P, the regular approach: Model → Retailer → Consumer and 3P, DTC via a System. But you can find also a hybrid design, a single made use of by several models nowadays, where they’d have one particular assortment promoting as a result of 1P and one more as a result of 3P.

Whichever you pick out for your model, or if you are new to marketplaces, this partaking and insightful episode is a ought to hear.

Noteworthy Quotable

“You can see a peak in a certain merchandise and say, oh, this is a major pattern. Or was it just a retailer carrying out a markdown? Are you basically getting industry share or are your products and solutions not turning as quickly as they predicted? And (a retailer) are simply just putting your prices down and sacrificing their margin to acquire some income.”



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