December 1, 2022


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Stone Setting Tips from Master Stone Setter Scott McIntyre (podcast episode) — Jewellers Academy


with Scott McIntyre

Stone setting is a difficult technique to master, but when you learn it well, it creates so many new opportunities. In this episode, master stone setter and Vanilla Ink founder Scott McIntyre discusses three different types of stone settings, the techniques and tools required to do them successfully, and other tips for building this complex skill set. He also shares a preview of some of the material we’ll cover in the Advanced Jewellery Diploma and explains what tools you’ll need for the programme. 

Episode Description:

  • In this episode, we’ll be talking about stone setting with Scott McIntyre (0:50)

  • What is stone setting? (3:07)

  • Why is it important to keep trying even when you feel you’re not good at this skill? (9:23)

  • How do you know what tools to use when? (13:15)

  • What are some of the different techniques people use for pavé setting? (18:05)

  • What are tension and channel settings? (23:17)

  • How do you practice techniques when materials are so expensive? (28:13)

  • Can you talk about the toolkit you’ve created for the advanced diploma? (36:03)

  • How do you let your perfectionism help you instead of getting discouraged by it? (41:21)

  • How to learn more or connect with Scott (47:33)


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