September 28, 2023


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Tallulah Willis On Self Care, Connection, And Her Clothing Brand

Tallulah Willis founded her fashion brand, Wyllis on kindness and inclusivity.

Expect vintage-inspired clothing that merges the best of a bygone era with a contemporary mindset, to offer playful pieces that you’ll want to wear everyday. Here, sweatshirts emblazoned with positive messages sit alongside ‘50s vibing shirts, sweet tea dresses, and cropped cardigans.

To Tallulah, clothes aren’t just garments, they hold a deeper meaning, not only acting as an expression of style, but strength too. And along the way she’s curated her own gang that dance to this beat.

In the same vein, at the heart of the brand is wellbeing, connection, advocacy, and inclusion. Of utmost importance is to offer clothes that allow people to feel comfortable in their own skin, pieces that are comforting and cheery, promoting kindness and joy all round. Tallulah talks about her brand aesthetic, collaborations, and her mental health advocacy.

Felicity Carter: What was your first memory of fashion?

Tallulah Willis: I remember being really little, maybe 4 or 5, and it was in Paris after a runway show and my mom let me walk on the runway and the lights were so bright. It’s just a flash but I remember that feeling.

FC: How would you sum up the aesthetic of Wyllis?

TW: Wyllis is comforting, without being comfort clothing. It’s playful, with a relaxed energy that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

FC: What is luxury to you?

TW: Luxury to me is touch. What the fabric feels like on your hand, the weight of a really delicious textile on your shoulders. Heaviness in a piece of gold jewelry. It’s so personal. 

FC: Who is your customer?

TW: My customer is someone who, like me understands the strength that clothing can give you. That with the right outfit, you can turn your whole day around. 

FC: What are the cornerstones of your brand?

TW: Mental health awareness and normalization. Marrying clothing as a tool of advocacy. Creating a safe and stylish space in fashion for extended sizing. Being truly open, kind and welcoming. 

FC: Which was the first piece that you designed and how did it come about?

TW: The first piece was my sweatshirts, it think it was the ‘Yeah I’m Fine’ one which is still one of my favorites. I think it’s so honest and speaks such volumes to so many different people. 

FC: What is on your current mood board?

TW: Snails, moths, rock landscapes. 

FC: Currently, which is your favorite piece and how do you wear it?

TW: My favorite piece is our Leonard pant, it’s so versatile. The cut and the side zip is so flattering and it nips at the waist in a way that creates such a beautiful silhouette. I wear day to night, just changing from a vintage tee to lurex blouse. 

FC: How would you like the brand to evolve?

TW: On the design side I would love to lean more heavily into accessories, even jewelry at some point. For the heart of the brand I hope our mental health work can continue, particularly our collaborations with the Loveland Foundation.

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