November 28, 2022


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The Pinafore Dress is the Perfect Summer Alternative to Your Jeans and T-shirt

Sweltering summer months allow you to shed those restrictive layers and have fun dressing for the changing season, whether you are stuck indoors or out enjoying the sunshine. Forever holding a place in fashionable hearts, the humble jeans and t-shirt uniform makes way for the equally classic and on-trend pinafore dress. Moreover, factor in the newly established work-from-home culture and the best approach to welcoming in the summer months is to be armed with a practical-but-cute outfit, a freshly brewed cuppa, and some words of affirmation; albeit in the form of printed persuasion and not a pep-talk from a chatty co-worker. While companies like coffee and motivation have your bases covered with caffeinated encouragement, read on to discover your new favorite wardrobe item – perfect for work, play, lounging around while shopping online, or getting out to find your very own hot-girl summer.

What is a pinafore dress, and why should you wear it this summer?

Although once associated with unassuming names such as smock, pinny, or frock, contrastingly, pinafore dresses are anything but humble. Similar to the origin of denim jeans which were popularized for casual wear in the 1950s, historically, pinafores were worn as a protective outer garment layered to keep the clothing underneath clean; however, they now take their place as a critical summer wardrobe staple. Think of them as a dungaree dress – with a structured bodice and straps that make way for an open back. Nothing quite says summer like just a hint of sunkissed skin. The styling options are endless and versatile to any capsule wardrobe enthusiast’s closet. Available in many colors, fabrics, and lengths, the bonus of owning a pinafore is its ability to double up as a winter garment when the time comes, simply by layering it with cozy knits or long sleeves. 

How to style a pinafore dress 

There is something to that feeling of slipping into a pair of your favorite jeans and a comfy tee; until you experience the feel-good face swapping it out for a summery pinafore dress. Though they disguise many a winter-body sin, denim jeans aren’t always the most summer-friendly. But you can keep that effortless, cool girl aesthetic by layering a denim pinafore over your comfy tee or a tank. The pinafore was born to be worn layered, and nothing quite says carefree summer like a breezy bohemian blouse, so play around with the fabric and silhouette until you find your perfect fit. Throw on a pair of white sneakers, chic loafers, or a classic summer sandal, and your outfit is complete – whether exploring the outdoors or in the comfort of your home.

A style that stands the test of time

Pinafore dresses are timeless and on-trend, and your wardrobe can be too! And who says you can’t look cute, be comfortable and elevate your style with minimal effort? The heatwave-friendly alternative to jeans and a t-shirt, pinafores are everything you love about your prized denim jeans and more.