July 15, 2024


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The World’s Perkiest High Fashion With A Hello Kitty Diamond Watch

The World’s Perkiest High Fashion With A Hello Kitty Diamond Watch

There is no reason that high fashion needs to be staid and serious, and a Hello Kitty diamond watch is powerful proof that a lighthearted view of life and a blithe, friendly attitude can be just as chic and elegant as any other. Kitty White’s cute face makes a striking motif in diamonds and other costly materials, bringing a refreshing breath of innocent sprightliness to a timepiece that might otherwise be pretentious.

The happy white kitten’s countenance appears on a series of watches designed by the highly skilled Kimora Lee Simmons, who makes timepieces suitable for the world’s most urbane and polished women who also like the positive attitude and blitheness of Hello Kitty. In conjunction with Neiman Marcus and Sanrio, Simmons has created some of the planet’s most voguish renderings of Kitty White.

Features of a Kimora Lee Simmons Hello Kitty Diamond Watch

Though each of the watches produced by Simmons Jewelry Co. is different, they share some similarities as well, which unite them and demonstrate the care taken to make high quality timepieces that are well worth every dollar spent to acquire them.

The case of a watch from this line is made out of stainless steel, ensuring that the watch’s functional parts are shielded by a tough, durable outer shell that will defy denting.

Precise timekeeping is assured by the fine Swiss movement that is used in each watch. The Swiss have been noted for several centuries for the excellent quality of their timepieces, and these watches display all the reliability and exactitude of those that use movements from the mountainous central European nation.

Finally, each watch is embellished with genuine diamonds. A five-pedaled flower composed of pink sapphires appears on each watch face as a sort of signature motif.

Specific Types of Hello Kitty Diamond Watches

Some of the most popular Hello Kitty watches made by Kimora Lee Simmons and her company include:

Pink Alligator Strap: With a price tag of $1,995, the Pink Alligator Strap watch is garnished with 0.85 carats of diamonds.

Hello Kitty’s face dominates the mother-of-pearl face of this round watch, outlined with a sleek row of pave diamonds, while more diamonds surround the dial in a double row inset into the stainless steel of the case.

The band of this wristwatch is hot pink, embossed in an “alligator” pattern.

Red Alligator Strap: This watch costs $3,450 retail because it includes a full 1.6 carats of tiny, precisely cut diamonds.

Hello Kitty’s mild countenance is rendered completely in pave diamonds, producing a highly modernistic, yet finely detailed and light, airy look. Diamonds coat the dial’s frame and even the brackets that hold the watchband in place.

The strap is bright red leather that provides a striking contrast, and is embossed in alligator pattern.

Black Leather Strap: This understated watch has 0.20 carats of diamonds and a cost of $995. Kitty White’s face is outlined with pave diamonds – the only diamonds found on this watch, focusing attention on the small, sweet cat’s face.

The stainless steel case is plain and polished, and the black watchband is smooth.

White Leather Strap: This watch includes 0.89 carats of diamonds and will set you back $1,995.

A big pink flower is worn in place of the white kitten’s usual bow. The cat’s face is outlined in pave diamonds and a double row of diamonds loops around the dial’s frame.

The strap is smooth white leather without embossing, giving the watch a bright, fresh look.

While elegance may not be initially equated with a Hello Kitty watch, one look at the beautiful selection of Hello Kitty diamond watches will assure you that sophistication and Kitty White are not mutually exclusive. The combination of high fashion and the world’s favorite kitten has been a happy one, and watches like these will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit and setting.