May 21, 2024


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Transactional loyalty programs not a consumer favorite


Today’s consumer are expecting a different kind of brand experience and not the typical transactional flavor when it comes to loyalty programs.

That’s the prime finding of a study from The Lacket Group that polled more than 6,500 brand-engaged consumers across 13 markets, including the U.S.

Consumers are wanting a loyalty program that is a combination of emotional and rational benefits, according to a press release on the study, which was conducted with Sitecare.

“This proprietary research confirmed what we already believed to be true about the shifting nature of consumer loyalty — and provided thought-provoking new insights into consumers’ mindsets and expectations,” Michelle Wildenauer, senior vice president of strategic services, The Lacek Group, said in the release. “The findings demonstrate consumers’ changing values and their shifting expectations for brands. Designing a successful loyalty strategy demands a deeper understanding of today’s consumers.”

The research revealed eight findings to help brands unlock the full potential of loyalty and drive customer lifetime value:

  1. Consumers are open to brand relationships.
  2. Today’s consumers have new expectations from brands.
  3. Brand loyalty is driven by a variety of factors.
  4. Brand engagement is critical to avoiding attrition.
  5. Loyalty programs must evolve to meet the full range of consumer needs.
  6. Many consumers will consider paying a membership fee to get desirable services or benefits.
  7. How your program shows up in the customer journey matters.
  8. Brand experiences live beyond the individual customer.


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