July 14, 2024


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Use of Legal Marijuana for Treatment

The use of marijuana, as one of the tools of treatment, is not new. But the lack of research about it as well as abuse by irresponsible people certainly makes some people feel hesitant. Now that many treatment and rehabilitation agencies have treatment and rehabilitation permits using marijuana, you may consult the “Marijuana Doctors in Lakeland Florida” to find treatment or rehabilitation with marijuana as a drug.

Patients with post-traumatic stress disorder are currently treated with sedation and therapy to reduce the symptoms. PTSD is a mental disorder arising from trauma or an event that shakes its emotions greatly. Symptoms usually caused by PTSD are excessive fear (paranoid), tense, and anxiety that prolonged.

Marijuana is already used as a cure for certain diseases. Nausea and dizziness due to cancer chemotherapy, decreased appetite for people with HIV, and some convulsions due to neurological disease are examples of marijuana use as a drug. To use marijuana as a medicine you can find the information here “Click Here“.

There are research results revealed that the brain actually produces substances that function similar to those found in marijuana. The substance is named cannabinoids. Its function is to create a sense of calm to cope with fear and anxiety.

By using cannabinoid-containing marijuana, it is hoped that the patient can forget his trauma and continue his life with new, better memories. But it should also be remembered the danger of side effects caused if too many substances cannabinoids that exist in the brain. In order for treatment and rehabilitation using marijuana to obtain maximum results you should consult an expert who has a legal license, please consult the experts here “Marijuana Doctors in Orlando Florida“.