July 15, 2024


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Using Google Keyword Tool to Find Your Niche

Using Google Keyword Tool to Find Your Niche

Okay, we’re back to finding your niche, because if you kept up with me, you obviously want to find out more. So I go through a view steps to find a niche and at the moment it’s obviously geared toward something you would want to talk about and something you are really interested in, because if you’re flying solo you’ll be the one who will write the eBook.

These are very basic ways to look in more detail into your niche and see if it’s viable to promote and sell info products regarding it to start an internet business.

Go to Google Keyword Tool (this is not an affiliate, it’s free)

I’m going to type in ‘fashion’ and it spits out a lot of different keywords searched related to fashion.

So I’m going go ahead and pick one for this example. And I’m going to make it a niche of fashion- ‘fashion accessories’. I click on the tiny looking glass icon next to it and it sends me to another page with more insight into this keyword.

It tells me the highest demographic for this search term is in the United Kingdom.

It also lists other related search terms:-

1. fashion jewelry (click on it and it will tell you that the highest demographic is the US – this is important) Do that for all of the related search terms.

2. wholesale fashion accessories

3. fashion hair accessories

4. hair accessories

5. fashion accessories 2010

6. fashion accessories online

So I’m going to copy the related search terms and the demographic region to a word processing program and zip over to…

Amazon.com Go to Amazon.com and click on the books department and type in the first related search term.

Fashion Jewelry

As you can see if you go do that there are quite a lot of books that talk about that. But that’s okay – I’m going to click on the first three search results and see what they are about and what other books are related to them. I’m also going to look at how many reviews there are.

The related books give me an idea if this specific niche as been broken down any further and what books are being purchased that relate to the main book.

Well I can see from my result that the first one is very much based on designer jewelry and the related books contain a few more ‘designer’ or high end’ books but there are also other things, like ‘jewelry making’.

That’s a good niche to jot down and keep in mind if you want to write about jewelry, maybe you are a jewelry maker? Maybe that’s your business or hobby?

I obviously know that fashion is a much talked about subject, so there are going to be reviews and that’s quite good because at least it’s a hot topic. And the fact that people buy other books that are related is also a good way to gauge a profitable subject.

If you want to stop there you can, but if you still haven’t found your niche then do exactly the same with each related search term you got from Google Keyword Tool. It may take you a while to find the niche that is both well searched for as well as one that hasn’t been written about to death. You have to find some balance.

For now I’ll take jewelry making over to http://www.google.com and put that in the search engine, only this time I’ll looking for forums that contain this search term.

You can do the same if you’d like to see basically what I see. Type into Google, ‘jewelry making forums’

I’ve clicked on the first link that comes up which is an About Forum. Without joining it I can tell there is a lot of activity, a lot of posts and a lot views for each post. This tells me that jewelry making is a good niche and one that’s well received. There are a lot of topics on stones, necklaces, and Gothic Chic. Once again these are all niches of jewelry making.

So, if I wanted to, I would pick one of those niches and if I was a business that specialises in this, for example, gems/stones, necklaces or Gothic jewelry I may like to write an eBook based on one of those and incorporate how I make it into a business.

It takes time to find your niche, but once you have and you know you can write about it, easily research more information on it, and possibly have a community based around it you know you’re going to make at least something with your eBook – because people will love knowledge and pictures based on that niche.

I don’t want to make identifying your niche too complicated and I have to say the ‘big boys’ do make it rather complicated. We’re only taking baby steps here so simply follow this guide and find your niche.

Don’t be too put off if your exact niche doesn’t yield very much. I’m pretty sure not many people have ever written a book on plus-size pin-up modeling but I did and it sold well to my site visitors and at this point you just want to gear your niche to your site visitors because they will come in handy when you want to spread the world further afield.

So that is your next step – to find your niche. When you’ve done that start writing basic notes on how what you want to talk about in your ebook. Don’t rush this – take your time.

Vanessa Reece