July 14, 2024


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Walmart+ Weekend Is Here! – Ali Manno (Fedotowsky)


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I kid you not I was legit on my computer at 2 PM central today as soon as went live! I loooove a good sale and Walmart was promising for this Walmart+ weekend event to be pretty dang amazing in terms of great deals and oh my gosh they were not kidding! I’m gonna tell you what it is and then I’m gonna tell you what I got!

What is it?

It’s a 4-day long weekend event, that started today, where are able to shop AMAZING deals on hundreds of products! There are so many more than I even thought there would be

When is it? Where is it? Who can shop it?

It started today and goes until June 5th. So do not wait and sign up to be a member NOW so you can shop it because it is ONLY for Walmart+ members*!

I’ll put because I truly believe that by signing up today and then shopping during Walmart+ weekend, it will likely save you more money than the entire yearly cost of the membership! So hopefully you make up the cost of the membership right now and then still have your membership for an entire year (and beyond because you will renew once you realize how awesome it is to have one!).

What I Bought

I also wanted to share what I got from the sale in case any of these items will be as helpful to you as they will be for me! But definitely check out the deals on Walmart’s site!

Wahl Dog Nail Grinder

I was so so so excited when I saw this was part of the sale and such a great deal. We spend a lot of money taking Owen to the vet or groomer to get his nails ground down. It needs to be done every two weeks so it’s super time-consuming. A lot of times, we will forget to take him and then his nails will get too long and become painful for him. So I absolutely love that I can use this at home to grind down his nails and hopefully make his little feet more comfortable!

Crayola Markers

If your kids go through markers as fast as mine do, then definitely snatch up some Crayola markers during the sale. This deal is incredible! I legit bought 10 packs to store away just to have every time my kids’ markers run out.


Riley absolutely loves Legos and I love them for him because I think they’re so good for his developing little brain. I’m always so impressed with how he can follow the instructions himself to put together the sets. The deal on this Lego 40 piece it is so good. Legos can be pricey so when I see them on sale I snag them up!

The Razor Crazy Cart Shift

I had to get this! The price was just too good and I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while for the kids. Anything and everything to keep them occupied this summer! Ha! The pic below is me showing it the the kids! They are sooooo excited.

Other Walmart+ Benefits

If you don’t already know the other benefits of being a Walmart+ member I’ll list them out below. I’ve written dozens of blog posts about how it’s been helpful to me over the years so feel free to check those out as well by searching Walmart+ on my site.

  • Free delivery from your local store with the same low prices you get in stores on fresh, high quality groceries. That means no unexpected fees or markups. Period.  $35 order minimum. Restrictions apply.
  • Free shipping, no order minimum. Excludes most Marketplace items, location & freight surcharges
  • More member prices on fuel than ever before!
  • Mobile Scan & Go makes shopping in the store fast and easy!
  • Early access to experiences, events, and deals! This one is not available to trial members FYI. (While supplies last.)

Are you a Walmart+ member? What did you get from the sale? Tell me in the comments below!

*Available to paid Walmart+ members only. While supplies last. Online only


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