We Both Weigh Less Today

When my cousin told me she was going to buy Alli weight loss pills, I honestly tried to talk her out of it. I had tried so many different diet pills in the past, and not a single one of them worked the way they were supposed to. On a few, I even got sick taking them, so I vowed to never take another one again. She told me that Alli is different though, but I had heard that song and dance before with other diet pills I had taken in the past.

She told me to have an open mind for a few minutes, and go to the website she was looking at to see for myself. I figured if that was the only way to show her I was right about these diet pills, then it was a small price to pay. I am so glad she stood up to me and even challenged me to find out for myself, because that is exactly what I did. When I went to the site and started reading the claims, I saw that Alli diet pills actually are different than the other diet pills I had tried in the past.

The main difference, and the one that mattered the most to me, was the fact that Alli weight loss pills is approved by the Federal Drug Administration. None of the diet pills I had taken were, which is how they got away with their claims. Being approved by the FDA meant that they had to follow strict guidelines. With everything else that I had read, I knew that they were going to be just fine to try. We both ended up ordering them, and I am so amazed at not only the fact they do work but also how quickly they worked too. We are both much lighter, and much happier, today!