December 1, 2023


We Do Shopping Right

What Did You Have for Dinner Last Night?

One of my co workers told me that I looked tired. I did not know what she was getting at, but she told me that I had bags under my eyes. I told her when I had Chinese food that my eyes would get really puffy. I think it is some sort of reaction and it stinks that people could tell that I have a reaction, even more than fourteen hours after I eat the food. I immediately came home and put some ice cubes under my eyes so that I could freeze the puffiness and get it down. I looked like I also had two black eyes and that scared me because I had gone and I had gotten a lot of work done under my eyes. I had even started to eat better but one meal of dinner and Chinese food and I started to look really tired.

My whole life I have developed little allergies to different things and it is so random when it happens. I had a cyst that I had to get drained and then packed in the emergency room and when I went home I was allergic to the dressing that they put on my skin. I am now allergic to adhesives and I have never ever been allergic to that before. I was fine when I was in the hospital and I had surgery for my gallbladder. There are so many people that like to try to figure out why you are allergic to something and they told me that they were looking for some ting in my system. I told them that it was just the way it is and they agreed, they told me that you can be allergic to anything at any time in our entire life and I was happy.