Who are Mathew and Melissa Parvis? Meet the couple behind ‘Fresh Clean Tees’ that made $20 million in sales

Regardless of just how eclectic your fashion taste is, having a set of basic tees is a wardrobe staple for everyone. It’s one piece of clothing that you can either dress down or dress up, making it both, versatile and essential. Unfortunately, when it comes to an item as simple and fuss-free as a sturdy ol’ basic tee, you’ll either find yourself browsing through ridiculously expensive designer ones or tees that are of terrible quality — there seems like there’s no in-between.

Enter Mathew and Melissa Parvis, the brains and founders behind Clean Fresh Tees — a T-shirt subscription box that promises to resolve all your wardrobe woes. Interestingly, their company retails boxes at $44 a month and it not only lets you custom your box but also lets you skip months and swap products, giving you complete control over what comes in your monthly package, as opposed to being stuck with something you’re not a fan of.


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Armed with a great product and an easy shopping experience, it comes as no surprise that the brand has gone on to make $20 million in sales. Wondering just who Mathew and Melissa Parvis are? Here’s what we know about the couple.



They started the brand together in 2015

The Parvises started their brand 7 years ago when they realized that there was a dearth of good basic tees in the market, which was odd, seeing that it is a wardrobe essential for most men.

Ever since its inception, the brand has grown slowly but exponentially, with over 8,500 orders fulfilled, as reported by Recharge Payments. Mathew has had an interesting career so far, seeing that he has a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies.



What do Mathew and Melissa Parvis do?

As per his LinkedIn profile, he was the editor and chief at Bluff Media and then later the Las Vegas Editor for the Thrillist. He was also the CCO for IBus Media. Shifting from media and content couldn’t have been an easy move, but by the look of it, it was clearly the right one. Melissa, on the other hand, has a BA in psychology and a degree in product development and merchandising.

She went on to work for brands such as Billabong and Hurley Inc, a subsidiary of Nike, as a technical designer, ultimately providing her with the skills to launch her own brand. Mathew is currently the CEO of Clean Fresh Tees while Melissa is the president.

The Parvises are an adorable family of 5

2015 was definitely a big year for Mathew and Melissa, seeing that they not only launched their brand but also decided to tie the knot. The couple has now been married for seven years and has started a little family of their own.

Their little one, Frank Anthony Parvis, was born in June of 2020 and they’re also proud dog parents to Riley and Guapo.

Will the Parvises find their dream home?

With their family growing, it comes as no surprise that the Parvises are on the hunt for a space to be able to accommodate them all.

Titled ‘Cotton and Steel’, the new episode of ‘Self-Made Mansions’ will show their journey. “Clinton Kelly helps entrepreneurs behind Extreme Plates and Fresh Clean Tees find their dream homes. The Folletts bring in $4 million a year with their steel construction plates, and the Parvises’ t-shirt subscription service has hit $20 million in sales,” the summary reads. 

Excited to watch the episode? Clinton Kelly, the award-winning host of ‘Chew’ and ‘What Not To Wear’, helps the Parvises pick out a brand new home.

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