November 28, 2022


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Who Is Dependable, Who Is to Blame?

When points go erroneous, when setbacks and adversity strike, we search for who to blame. This impulse could be a reaction that makes an attempt to get away from the utter helplessness we feel. Superior to go toward and into the experience of helplessness (it doesn’t, damage us, even though it hurts it’s not truly unbearable or frustrating, people are just strategies) and search for the just one who is helpless. We in no way find her. All we find is our self, the just one aware of this experience. All we find is our Self, Recognition. Is consciousness helpless? Do the beliefs and emotions of remaining utterly helpless, and susceptible contact consciousness, and transform it, our Self in any way?

Truth is, there is no just one to blame. There is no just one who is individually dependable. There is no personal duty. There is only impersonal, or common duty. Even the belief and experience that there is personal duty is impersonal.

What ever is dependable for that thought and experience, and for every other thought and experience is also dependable for the gusts of wind, the rain, the bird that just flew by, the audio of the airplane that just appeared, the itch on the arm… and for every object and particle in the universe as it appears, evolves and disappears.

Every particle taking part in its portion in the Dance of the Universe. Every “human being” taking part in our portion, together with Trump and his supporters and his protesters.

We can every single pay back near awareness, pay attention to our coronary heart and dance our portion totally and devoid of reservation. Every of us, and every particle in the universe has our portion to engage in in this dance of the universe – all in the curiosity of common enjoy, natural beauty, and intelligence.

There is no this sort of thing as a bigot. There are only bigoted feelings, emotions and functions.

There is no this sort of thing as a racist. There are only racist feelings emotions and functions.

There is no this sort of thing as a xenophobe. There are only xenophobic feelings emotions and functions.

There is no this sort of thing as a misogynist. There are only misogynistic feelings emotions and functions.

There is no this sort of thing as a hateful human being. There are only hateful feelings emotions and functions.

What we assume, consider, feel, and do is not what or who we are. When we uncover the fact of who/what we are there is no home for bigotry, prejudice, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, or loathe. There is only Appreciate, Peace, Pleasure, Beauty, and Comprehending. And these stand up in sacred outrage, in sacred resistance to violent, hurtful feelings, beliefs, emotions and actions.

As Martin Luther King so superbly put it, “Darkness can not push out darkness, only light-weight can do that. Dislike can not push out loathe, only enjoy can do that”.

There is no human being or entity that is dependable. There is no human being or entity to blame. Recognizing this is loving and clever. When we know our Real Self, we know that there is only common, impersonal duty. Every particle is doing it’s portion in the curiosity of Appreciate and Intelligence. Overlooking this sales opportunities to the violence, chaos and the mess we see. We can assume, feel, act and relate in loving, clever, healing techniques as every single of us, in our own time, in our own way as recommended by the Laws of the Universe, ceases to neglect the reality of our Staying.