September 24, 2023


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6 tips for shopping plus-size second-hand fashion online

As conversations around fashion and sustainability become louder and more frequent, many shoppers have decided to be more conscious about how and where they shop – be it from sustainable brands or by embracing second-hand.

However, for many beyond a size 16, the opportunity to make better fashion consumption choices are limited, when ethical and sustainable designers rarely go beyond an XL. Sustainability has become a privilege that those who inhabit larger bodies aren’t always able to tap into.

But, there are other alternatives, and shopping second-hand is a great one. Whether you’re just bored of the clothes available on the high street or your 2021 resolution is to shop consciously, there’s so much available from sites like eBay, Depop, Etsy and even Facebook Marketplace. You’ve just got to find it! So, here are some tips on how to navigate second-hand shopping when you’re plus-size.

1. Get specific with your searches

      One of the biggest mistakes you can make when shopping second-hand is directly going to the “plus-size” category. Unlike retailers, not all sellers identify garments as plus-size, and by only searching for that, you could be missing out on other pieces. Instead search specifics like ‘red coat’, ‘vintage’, ‘faux leather’, etc. While it may take some extra sifting through, you’re less likely to miss that vintage faux leather cropped jacket you’ve been dreaming of.

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      2. Know your measurements

          Stop relying on sizing and have your measurements at hand (inches and centimetres). As you’ll know from shopping on the highstreet, the sizing in one store can differ slightly to another. This is exactly the same as second-hand sizing. Most sellers, especially on sites like eBay and Etsy, will list measurements. This tip is especially key when buying vintage as modern clothing sizes can differ from vintage pieces.

          Tip: if the seller hasn’t listed the measurements, don’t hesitate to drop them a message.

          3. Follow your favourite sellers

              On sites like Etsy, following the right sellers can transform your shopping experience from hours of sifting to a quick and easy experience – when browsing remember to favourite shops/sellers to make your next shopping experience even more straightforward. And most if not all influencers have a Depop nowadays and upload recent items you’ve seen and loved on their Instagram feed. Best of all, they often sell pieces for a fraction of the retail price.

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              4. Use spelling mistake spotters

                  We’ve all had those moments when we’ve sent out a text, gone back to read it after hitting send and realised there’s an abhorrent amount of spelling mistakes. So, why would you think sellers are immune? Try using sites like BargainChecker and FatFingers that trawl eBay for all possible spelling mistake combinations. You’ll be surprised by just how many sellers have listed items with the wrong spelling. Imagine how much you could be missing out on!

                  5. Get alerts on your favourite items

                      If you want something very specific or hard to track down, you can ‘save’ searches on eBay. This means when a seller lists your desired item, eBay will send you an email. Perfect when you want to save time.

                      While buying second-hand can take a little more patience and time, it’s a great way to introduce new items to your wardrobe.

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