July 14, 2024


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Best Tips to Have Happy Moist Lips in Winter Season : FashioNectar


Honestly, winters are one of the most beautiful seasons, putting on fuzzy socks, sipping several cups of hot chocolate, cozying up in your soft blankets, and Christmas! Who would not love winters? Well, unfortunately, there is an answer to that- our skin. As kind as winters are to our hearts, they are just as cruel on our skin. This is especially annoying to people who have a dry skin type in general.  

The story that I am going to share now will not be relatable to you if you haven’t experienced extreme winter harshness on your lips. It was around evening when my friends and I decided to head to our favorite hangout spot, mystery rooms bangalore. When I stepped out of my house, a gust of chilly wind made me realize that I was probably dehydrated because my lips felt super dry all of a sudden. By the time we made it to the facility, my lips had fully given up and had started to bleed. Though I did manage to find some petroleum jelly soon, I will never forget the horrified look the kid sitting next to me had on his face when the bloodwork started. 

Chapped lips are very annoying, to say the least. And the even more annoying part of them is the fact that you need to lick your lips every two minutes to keep them hydrated. And if you have a habit of chewing your lips when deep in thought, the problem worsens. 

Frankly speaking, I empathize with all my folks out there who struggle with chapped lips every winter. Hence, in this blog post, I will be sharing some of the tips that helped me out in taking care of my lips during the winter season. 

Why do we get chapped lips during winters?  

Before we get into the how’s of it, we need to understand the why’s of it. A part of solving the problem lies in identifying what is triggering it. Unlike the rest of the skin on our body or face, the skin of our lips is especially delicate. Our lips dry up ten times faster compared to the rest of the skin on our face. This emphasizes the urgency of taking care of our lips first and foremost.  

I am sure many of you are aware that the initial step of taking care of your skin during winters is to cover your whole body up. However, some parts of our body can’t help but be exposed to the harsh weather, one of them being our lips.  

Adding to the cold mess outside is the heated-up misery inside. The cold and dry winds outside and the hot and dry heaters in our homes are just the perfect ingredients we need for chapped lips. But, fret not, for I have got you covered with my winter lip care tips to help you keep them moisturized and hydrated.  

1. Scrub your lips 

This might have come in as a shocker for some of you, but yes, our lips need scrubbing as much as our face does. As stated above, the skin of our lips is ten times more delicate than the skin of our face; our lips very much need scrubbing. However, do not use the scrubs you use for your face because that’d be too harsh for your lip-skin. Purchase a scrub especially designed for lips. If market products don’t please you, you can always make a homemade scrub by Googling, which will definitely be the most organic and beneficial scrub.   

2. Use an ointment-based lip-balm  

The most basic product people use to avoid chapped lips is lip balm. However, people who suffer from severely chapped lips, like me, require more than just a regular lip balm. Since I have a habit of chewing my lips, I often end up cutting them and bleeding. My suggestion would be to go for an ointment-based lip balm that will not only moisturize your lips but heal them, too. Go for the lip-balms containing petroleum jelly, oils, or glycerin.  

Source: https://pixabay.com/it/photos/balsamo-per-le-labbra-rossetto-2562354/

3. DO NOT lick your lips  

Licking your lips is an absolute no-go if you have any intentions of saving your lips from the wrath of winter. Licking your lips only worsens the problem by drying out your lips even more. The enzymes in your saliva leave your lips drier as soon as it evaporates, leaving the skin irritated. Now, that is not something we are looking for when we are already dealing with the misery of chapped lips. Hence, steer clear of this habit, and break it as soon as you can. Your lips will thank me later.  

4. Say no to peeling and plucking  

It is only natural for your mind to make you peel off the chapped skin on your lips. But, just like licking your lips is a no-go, so is peeling off the skin. I get it how many times we do it unconsciously, and I suffered from this habit throughout my childhood. Peeling off the skin only worsens the problem by wounding your lip–skin. Hence, whenever you feel like your lips are drying up, go for a lip balm. 

Final thoughts  

So, there you go. Here are my tips for your lip-care routine to help you make it through the toughest season for your skin. I would further suggest that you drink plenty of water, even when you feel like you’re not thirsty. Winters tend to trigger dehydration more than it happens in summers. Install a humidifier in your home to help protect your skin from the dryness caused by heaters indoors.


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