November 28, 2022


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Community Love | Chantaie of Storytelling University

local community really like with chantaie allick


A minimal Q&A with Chantaie Allick – Author, Strategist and Storyteller.

We are over and above energized to introduce you to Chantaie! Chantaie is an wonderful writer and passionate storyteller who a short while ago launched Storytelling University, an online educational source for creatives in search of independence, business owners, and specialists. By means of it she can help unlock your have exclusive story, build your manufacturer, turn out to be a improved communicator and transform your life for the much better! Chantaie thinks we all have a tale to notify, and can’t hold out to help you faucet into yours.

explain your self and what you do.

Chantaie: I am a author, founder, and manufacturer strategist. At my core, I’m a storyteller who thinks in magic. I help creators, unbiased organization proprietors, and enterprise leaders uncover and share their special stories with the entire world.


what conjures up you, drives you and receives you out of mattress in the morning?

Chantaie: Fantastic stories. The opportunity to form them, explore them, and share them.


what’s an significant lesson you have uncovered that you want to share with the environment?

Chantaie: No make a difference who you are or what your experiences have been, your tale issues and could modify the world.


how does illustration in your community make a change?

Chantaie: I’m not positive about illustration, but I believe the extra stories we have developed and shared by ordinarily racialized and marginalized people, the extra comprehending and meaningful connection we’ll build in the environment.

what does the strategy of “Universal Love” imply to you?


Chantaie: Love happens at the amount of Spirit and acts further than social constructs made in racist, classist programs.



if there was a person other person, business or group you want to celebrate, who would it be?


Chantaie: Every solitary Black and trans girl who is out in the entire world shining bright and sharing their light inspite of what the earth so often offers again to them. To get certain, Laverne Cox is a personal fave and on my head for the reason that I just binge listened to her stunning and powerful podcast.

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