May 26, 2024


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Different Style Watches to Look Out for 2018

Watches can be a big commitment when it comes to a purchase, some people are known to spend a lot of them for better quality or the designer watch brands. Sadly, there are times we will buy a watch and realize it doesn’t really match the style that you normally dress in or the occasions that you’ll where it. This article will take you through some of the top styles of men’s watches for 2018 that should be perfect for everyday use.

Smart Watches

Even for those who don’t want a digital screen, smart watches come in a lot of different forms now. Nokia, for example, offers a regular looking analogue watch that can track your health habits and sync them to your phone. Smartwatches in general are becoming popular, they sync efficiently and even make your workday more efficient. Smart watches don’t have to have the “tech look” either, if you shop around you’ll be able to notice that more natural watch bands are now on offer with them.

Aviator Watch

Originally designed for pilots and helped calculate distance and fuel calculations, Aviator Watches are more of a style now rather than an effective pilots tool. They are an authentic style that most brands offer, the face has technical features and dials without being overbearing like some styles. It’s a great watch to own as it matches up well with both business clothes and leisure attire.

Skeleton Watch

A uniquely styled watch the shows the clogs of the watch on its face. It’s a fine talking piece and tends to have a retro and technical look all at once. They can be found are all different prices with a choice of a metal or leather strap, if you find yourself to be a collector of watches then it is definitely a great addition to add and its technical design will keep you admiring it.

Digital Watch

Unless you’re not a fan of the look, it’s hard to say no to a retro digital watch. Brands like Casio are growing in popularity for a watch to be used daily, they’re cheap, reliable and practical for all occasions. It’s not a smartwatch but there’s a big difference in price if you’re looking for something more affordable.

Dress Watch

The simplicity of this watch is watch makes it different from a lot of other trends. Dress watches are designed with all potential wearers in mind, a plain face in a creative colour helps everyone enjoy this style and it’s always a choice to have waiting in the draw. Branding is the key point to the price of dress watches, they can be as expensive or affordable as you want.