Top Brands to Keep an Eye Out for in the Gym

Although the global leaders asuransi kesehatan in sportswear have every right to advertise their branding on their clothing, sometimes it can be a bit boring and repetitive. Do you ever go the gym and wonder what the brand is someone’s wearing? But don’t have the courage to ask. It’s likely that they’ve had the same opinion about over branding with some companies and just fancied a change. The best quality can sometimes come from the smaller companies who have a personal impact on all the ranges they release. Here are 4 brands that are rising into more gyms and have their own spin on activewear.


A brand that can be spotted by the running hare logo on its garments, Tracksuit is a brand that is truly authentic to fitness. Rather than designing more tech fit clothing that is currently crowding the market, they have opted to offer loose fit retro gym wear that works just as effectively. Tracksmith uses modern materials with a 70’s style to their clothing, they encourage the amateur fitness spirit of all their customers whilst exercising. It’s an alternative look to go for at the gym and if you uncomfortable with clingy fit activewear, give them a try.

One Athletic

A premium fitness clothing brand that is offering high quality clothing and accessories for both gym and leisure use. The brand logo is easily identifiable with a large ‘O’ that contains the letter ‘N E’ inside it and their clothing is well tailored for the body. One Athletic has a focus on health and fitness and you can see this through their model choices and clothing fitting options. Is a brand that has put real thought into their design and it’s a completely different style to the current market for gym wear.

Outdoor Voices

From top designers for various clothing companies comes the subtle brand that is Outdoor Voices. The brand doesn’t focus on putting an identifiable logo on their clothing but instead uses beautiful patterns, colours and quality as a key selling point. Unlike some ladies gym wear competitors, Outdoor Voices offers their range to women of all different sizes and focuses on designs that will flatter individuals.


An extra creative flare can be seen in Oysho sportswear, made for the purpose of yoga, running and fitness Oysho don’t advertise their branding too often but their range has a unique take on activewear compared to the global giants. For yoga especially the clothing looks peaceful and naturally make you want to work out.