June 20, 2024


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Meet Fashion Nova’s Billionaire Owner Richard Saghian


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  • Richard Saghian is the fashion mogul behind fast fashion brand Fashion Nova.
  • Saghian just bought “The One,” a massive mansion in Bel Air, for $126 million.
  • “The One” isn’t Saghian’s first major real estate purchase in Los Angeles. 

Fashion Nova founder and CEO Richard Saghian has purchased a famous Los Angeles mega-mansion for $126 million.

“The One,” a sprawling house in Bel Air, had been listed at $295 million. Clocking in at 105,000 square feet, the house is “the largest modern home in the United States,” according to USA Today. Saghian will end up paying closer to $141 million due to a 12% auction fee, according to The Los Angeles Times

“‘The One’ Bel-Air is a once in a lifetime property that can never be duplicated,” Saghian said in a statement sent to Insider. “There is nothing else like it. As a lifelong Angeleno and avid collector of real estate, I recognized this as a rare opportunity that also lets me own a unique property that is destined to be a part of Los Angeles history.”

Here’s a look at Saghian’s life and career:


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