October 3, 2023


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The fashion items the world’s most stylish can’t get enough of over lockdown

Call us nosey, call us creepy, call us what you like, but the truth is we can’t help but want to know what the world’s most stylish men have been wearing during the current lockdown – a period of internment that, by most accounts, has been the most taxing thus far. 

Are the world’s most innovative menswear designers slobbing around in sweatpants like the rest of us, for instance? Or are they knocking it out of the park in killer at-home lewks day in, day out? And likewise, is the world’s biggest male model cosying up in mohair sweaters or is it three-piece suits for breakfast, lunch and dinner? 

Read on to find out. 

David Gandy, model and entrepreneur: Thom Sweeney knits

“Though I embraced a more relaxed utilitarian style in lockdown one, as I was primarily located in Yorkshire, for this lockdown we are in London and I’m much busier, so I’ve had to look smarter. Given that it’s winter I have focused on smarter chunky knitwear, rollnecks and cardigans from Sunspel and Thom Sweeney. Also, after watching The Gentlemen recently, I realised how much I’m missing tailoring and therefore have started wearing shirts and ties for online meetings.”

Omari Douglas, actor: a Uniqlo pullover

“I’ve got this navy half-zipped pullover from Uniqlo and it’s made many appearances during lockdown. I’m actually wearing it right now! It’s a staple for my civvies in the house but then I’ll also layer it with something then tuck it into my cords when I go out for a stroll – we love multifunction! Uniqlo is so fab for that.”

Raven Smith, author: shorts from Cleverly Laundry

“Oh, I’m living in my Cleverly Laundry shorts set in white. It’s like a school uniform for pupils in the tropics.”

Guy Berryman, designer: a pair of Moon Boots

“I’ve been living in hoodies and jeans – specifically my heavy-duty Applied Art Forms black hoodie. I live in the countryside and it’s been very cold, so I must also admit I have been wandering around in my Moon Boots, which are usually reserved for ski trips! There’s been no risk of getting snapped wearing such a look, so it’s been quite pleasurable not having to think about dressing…”

Charles Jeffrey, designer: jewellery 

“I wear the same jewellery every day. If I forget or lose a piece I’m devastated. I bless each piece with an old Scottish spell that involves burying them in mud on a full moon, so if I lose a piece and have to replace it I have to rebury it – it’s not very practical…”

Jackson Boxer, chef: re-made gear

“First of all, I take my hat off to anyone who can even find the willpower to get up and get dressed. My clothing has been even more utilitarian than usual – sneakers, heavyweight denim, thermal layers, leather and shearling. I stopped buying clothes many years ago and now the only additions to my wardrobe come when I can trade for cooking. The lockdown has given me the chance to mend and repair a lot of things that were wearing out, patching knees and pockets on my jeans, that sort of thing – so a very eccentric mix of tatty hobo vibes and very luxe cashmere and leather from recent Dior and Hermès swaps.”

Luke Day, Fashion Director, GQ: my first Brunello Cucinelli

“Right before lockdown 1.0, I got my first piece of Brunello Cucinelli – a classic light-blue denim shirt. I had finally graduated into his luxury, grown-up world and I was feeling quite smug about it. Cut to lockdown 3.0 and I’m still wearing this shirt, with gym shorts (or underwear), but it also saw me through the moments when we were less restricted and it became my go-to St John’s Wood neighbourhood walk/going on a date/popping to Panzer’s deli wardrobe staple. It’s part dressing gown, part party shirt. A shirt for all season! It’s never been washed and I’m not mad about that at all. 

Saul Nash, designer: joggers

“To be honest, I’ve been living in my Saul Nash Slim jogger, which will be available soon at selected retailers. The fit is so comfortable and at this time comfort is key.”

Daniel Fletcher, designer: a Fiorucci sweater

“I’ve been living in the wavy logo jumpers I did for Fiorucci. It’s a mix of merino wool and cashmere and I literally can’t take them off! Baby pink is my go to currently!”

Harris Reed, designer: platform boots

“I’ve been wearing platforms with my silk pyjama pants. Even if I haven’t washed my hair or brushed my teeth, platform boots always makes me feel fierce.” 

Teo van den Broeke, Style And Grooming Director, GQ: an Alanui cardigan

“In addition to a tatty pair of Adidas joggers and running kit from Satisfy (it’s truly the best, especially for winter), I’ve been living in my cashmere cardigan from Italian brand Alanui. The cashmere is ultra-heavy gauge and incredibly high quality, so I just want to wear it all the time. The cut is also a bit like a dressing gown, but the intarsia patterns Alanui uses help to elevate it from basic loungewear, so it’s a win-win really.”

Pierre M’Pelé, journalist: Ugg slippers

“Since lockdown is all about loungewear and being comfortable, I’ve broken one of my own style rules. Karl Lagerfeld famously said that “sweatpants are a sign of defeat”, because one has lost control of their life. Considering the past few months, it’s fair to say that many of us have indeed lost control. So, I’ve indulged in a pair of sweatpants from Picante Surf and I am not ashamed of it, because at this point anything goes. And I’ve also been walking around the house in Ugg slippers. Of course, nobody knew about it because Zoom meetings only show my look from the waist up. Whenever I had to go out, for the occasional in-person meeting, I would almost always wear a suit from Dior Homme (Hedi’s era), because looking slouchy in public is criminal.”

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