November 30, 2023


We Do Shopping Right

Treat Your Hair with Superior Tools!

By the time I purchased a Nume wand, I’d gone from having my hair done regularly at an expensive salon, which cost a bundle, to learning to cut and style my own hair at home. My husband and I both retired and that meant cutting down on needlessly expensive things we always took for granted. There was just no way I could afford to pay a salon one hundred dollars every month or two, so I decided to get really inventive and learn how to cut my own hair. It’s surprisingly easier than you would think.

I had a couple of disasters before I mastered the basics. I eventually got so good at it that I can easily cut my husband’s hair too. Then I started studying how to do styling. My naturally curly hair always meant using a wand to straighten the locks, and I went through a lot of cheap wands before I wised up and decided to invest in something that would work better and last much longer. I decided to find something of quality online because buying cheap ones and then having to throw them out was adding up quickly in terms of cost.

A friend suggested I look at Nume products. She’s used them for some time and they work like a charm. Her hair always looks great so I decided to do some digging to see if I should buy one. While they are admittedly a bit more than I would choose to spend, the information I found online convinced me to pick one up. I never saw a negative review, and everyone just raved about their quality and how good of a job they do on your hair. I found the site online and purchased a black Megastar Hair Straightener and it’s been the best hair care product I’ve ever purchased. I’ll never buy a different brand again!